David's First Goliath

Admittedly, This painting began as a personal piece, but has grown to be a favorite of many with many interpretations, including Daniel and the Lion’s Den, symbolisms of Narnia, and others. I’ve always wanted to paint a ‘David and Goliath’, but as I was studying the verses, it struck me how David was so very confident by the time he confronted Goliath. I realized that the Lord had already prepared him. Where did the real challenge occur and when was his faith truly tested? Alone, and without all the fanfare. Just himself, a lion, and the Lord. I feel that’s how most of us face our Goliaths…

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  • Jane johnson says:

    i purchased maybe 12 9 by 10 framed pics of davids first gol at education week a few months ago!!! i need 3 more!!!! […] i love your work and have 3 of your paintings already!!! love this new one feed my sheep!!!! your little neighbor boy is sooo cute in these paintings!!! i just want to squeeze him!!!! thanks so much jay

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